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Mobile Web Design Takes the Trend of Minimalism to New Heights in 2016

There are a few aesthetic trends in mobile website design in Bucks County that are fitting into the large picture. These designs are still keeping onto that mobile style, and are embracing it in even bigger ways. 2015 saw the apex of minimalistic design. It is a natural trend, and one that almost supersedes the trend distinction. Minimalism makes sense with its refined use of color and consistent font use. One aspect of minimalism that has been taken to a whole other level entirely is the flat design. Flat design is a component of minimalism. It implies negative space and subtle layering, making the page have a sense of hierarchy without superimposing an image over another image.

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Minimalism to Flat

Flat design has dimension, but it is never blatant. The visuals are 2D, but they are made in a way to suggest that there is a little more going on. Flat design sues negative space. It also does not use the black and white combination that is a main component of minimalistic design. It almost always uses one or two vibrant colors (purple, lime green, etc).

The Explosion of Flat Design

There are subtle differences between a strict minimalist design and a flat design. Flat has omitted rounded edges altogether. They do not provide that clean and geometric look that is so important to making the images pop. Gradiants and shadows are a thing of the past. Designers seem to be abandoning them wholesale, which is intriguing. Gradiants are an easy way to apply a hierarchy with the graphics because they imply that one thing is in front of another. But, mobile website design in Bucks County can be better than that. Designers can do more with less in a savvy way, as opposed to relying on basic conventions in design.

Flat design is a part of minimalism. But, the style is becoming so huge and so commonplace that they seem to be branching off into their own territory. The website application developer can use the aesthetics of a flat design to create something wholly new and entirely riveting. The imagery is exceptional and organic, drawing users in without distracting them with the pretty colors. There is always substance behind the images.

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